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Q: How much energy will be required to pump this volume of sea and salt water inland for evaporation?
A: By our estimates, it will require about 363,482 Megawatts. This will flood approximately 379,000 square miles with salt/sea water. There is a estimated potential of generating -5,368 Megawatts from areas below sea level, such as the Dead Sea project in Jordan and Israel. This is an estimate, based upon best guess geologic data.
Q: How much rainfall is created from HelioHydroElectric?
A: By our estimates, it will create 283.1 cubic miles of rainwater each year worldwide, or about 114,443,555,800 cubic feet of rainwater each day. This is assuming 1% evaporation rate. For the Southwest, United States, we estimate that HelioHydroElectric projects in the U.S. and Mexico would restore the Colorado River, with 1,070,086,924 billion cubic feet per day or artificial rain.
Q: How do you finance such a large project?
If the Dead Sea HelioHydroElectric project in Israel and Jordan is any indication, the worldwide project should cost about 3.5 trillion dollars. The Dead Sea HelioHydroElectric project is estimated to cost about 1.1 billion dollars. It is being financed by the World Bank. To put this in perspective the Gulf Oil War in Iraq cost 2 trillion dollars. 90% of the world’s weapons are financed one way or the other via petroleum dollars. The United States spends close to 500 billion dollars a year on the military, half of which goes to nuclear weapons. It is estimated by our study that 181,526,693 barrels each day of biofuel can be created from the algae grown in these desert lakes. At $100 a barrel, that is a revenue of 18 billion dollars a day. The current price of oil is about $50 a barrel. This would put the existing oil companies out of business.
Q: Do we have a labor force to build this?
History repeats itself. T.V.A. was built in the U.S.A. during the 1930s and 1920s to pull the nation out of a depression. According to the United Nations, there are 60 million refugees in refugee camps, many of whom have technical training. There currently is a mass flow of refugees from Syria.
Q: How much Carbon Dioxide will HelioHydroElectric remove?
This is the only technology that actually removes Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere. By our estimates this will remove 40,025,460,310 tons of Carbon Dioxide each year, mankind generates 39,800,000,000 billion tons each year. This project, if done worldwide would remove the equivalent of all Carbon Dioxide generated by mankind. Thus solving global warming.
Q: How do we get this started?
A: We are proposing a Declaration of War on Global Warming in the United States Congress, and other parliaments worldwide. President Obama, along with the Ayatolla of Iran, the Pope of Rome, and the Governors of Washington State, and California have copies of our report. Several key members of Congress have copies, including Patty Murray, Maria Cantwell, Adam Smith, and others. Elizabeth May of the Canadian Parliament also has a our data. Key people in the United States military have it under review. We are proposing HelioHydroElectric as a military solution to the Islamic State. The Islamic State being a creation of the drought in Syria, in effect a symptom of Global Warming.
Q: How can I help?
A: This is not room service. Spread the word. But more importantly V.O.T.E. in the next election. We need Pro-HelioHydroElectric people elected to office. All of people working this project are volunteering our time. We can solve Global Warming. But only if you make the effort.
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